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Recycling in Boulder

  Recycling in Boulder is  Easy
  Setting up and maintaining a home  recycling center is fast and simple.  The time required per household is approximately  two minutes per day. The amount of space  required to store recyclables for an entire  month is about a 3’ x 3’ area in a garage,  on the porch, in the pantry, under the sink,  in a corner of the kitchen, etc.
 Boulder  provides an easy way to recycle!  mixed  recycling program now allows you to place  all acceptable materials in your grey recycling  container (see recycling list below). Remember,  the more you recycle, the less you will  pay in trash fees and Salinas will continue  to be a cleaner and more environmentally  friendly city.

  • Reduces  your trash 
  •  Saves  natural resources 
  •  Reduces  your disposal costs 
  •  Extends  the life of our landfills  
  •  Saves  energy 
  •  Reduces  pollution 
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