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Print Posted By Salina Turda on 09/09/2017 in Social
The International Theater Festival

The International Theater Festival

The International Theater Festival
Turda, Romania

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The International Theater Festival in Turda will be held from September 8-17 and hosts guests both nationally and internationally. It continues the tradition of the "Theater on the Salt Road" Festival, this year being the first for Turda organized internationally.

The festival is addressed to all age groups, from small to large, both to the city's residents and to tourists who cross the threshold of the country and the theater lovers.

One of the locations chosen by the organizers of the Festival is the Turda Salt, "The most beautiful underground place in the world!".

The festival will benefit from a few days of active media coverage with the help of some vivid statues - one of the most interesting forms of street theater in the world.


SUNDAY 09.09.2017

13.00 Statues Vivante (30min)


MARCH 12.09.2017

13.00 Statues Vivante (30min)


SATURDAY 16.09.2017

13.00 SUPRAMARIONETE - (30min)

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Turda, Romania

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